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The Beginning

My name is Chelsie Maynard, and I'm nobody extraordinary. I'm a social worker and minister who has heard the heartbeat of my Papa God that beats "welcome, welcome, welcome" to his beloved children and commands my obedience in being his arms and legs to the mourning, outcast, and broken. I've been given the incredible opportunity to join a trip hosted by Adventures in Missions, in partnership with Samaritan's Purse and EURO Relief, to Lesvos, Greece- the very beaches on which you've seen refugees arriving by the thousands. The trip is from January 4th to February 8th, during which time I will work in an emergency aid station set up on the island. We will do everything from pulling boats out of the water, providing emergency food, clothing, rest, and first aid, to comforting families who have lost loved ones and caring for newly orphaned children. I wish I could easily explain in words how clear God has made it that I need to be on this trip. In the days leading up to being accepted to go, doors were thrown open that I never thought possible. My employer has agreed to give me a month long leave of absence, which is a BIG DEAL in our secular company. I'm taking a giant risk, as I've got massive student loans, rent payments, and countless other bills that I'm putting on hold to be obedient. The great thing is that Papa God's just been continuing to impress that he's going to do something great here in the fundraising- just "watch and see." I'm asking you to join me in this kind of terrifying, but SO exciting, adventure. If you're like me, you've been watching the news and the resulting storm on social media and been nearly sick with a desire to DO SOMETHING. You may say, give money- it'll go farther. And I have. But Visa can't afford the compassionate touch of Christ, a listening ear, and the arms of the Christian church wrapped around these people shouting, "We are for you! We are for you!" I'm asking that you send me as your hug. Send me as your olive branch and peace offering. Send me as the welcoming heartbeat of our Papa God. I need to raise $4,000 by December 15th, which is like, tomorrow. I'm asking you to pray and give generously. My blog isn't up yet, but I'll be providing regular updates and would LOVE to talk to you about this. In His name, Chelsie Maynard

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